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The little calamity

The little calamity

Eastern Fantasy


Author : Calamity_Mlayers

Publisher : webnovel


A calamity was born inside of blood city, a boy that was closer to a beast than a human. He killed everybody that even thought of hurting him without even blinking, his name was Rayne. Nothing seemed to work against him, he would know if his food was poisoned before even smelling it, ambushes failed before they even began and assassins were assassinated. If they managed to corner him he would still find a way to escape then he would slowly hunt everyone that put him in danger. He was a combat genius that seemed to have no emotion or common sense, he simply did anything to survive, his attitude along with his incredible strength and instinct earned him the title of little calamity. His terror continued through all of his childhood until he met the love of his life, with her help he set foot of the path of cultivation to become the strongest.